BIAL Genie Hackathon

11517 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
11517 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

Winners are announced.

Idea Phase
starts on:
Oct 27, 2021, 12:30 PM UTC (UTC)
ends on:
Nov 28, 2021, 06:25 PM UTC (UTC)
Prototype Submission Phase
starts on:
Dec 09, 2021, 12:30 PM UTC (UTC)
ends on:
Jan 10, 2022, 07:45 AM UTC (UTC)



Announcement - Top 8 teams for Finale

The below teams have been shortlisted for the final presentation round and will get an email with more details:

  1. Code Blooded
  2. Viman
  3. Chole_Bhature
  4. ninaddeo07_ad93
  5. Access_Denied
  6. Reboot Rebels
  7. Intelli-Sense
  8. vulcan

Hacking is building things that you have always wanted to have but that haven't been built yet. It is coming up with amazing ideas and working tirelessly on them. It is to fail, fail again and fail better. To try out new things and learn while doing that. It is to work together, collaborate and build things that are innovative. It is to be a better programmer.

With that spirit, Microsoft, in association with Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) brings to you the BIAL Genie Hackathon. All developers and hackathon enthusiasts are invited to participate!

That's not all, if you are shortlisted for the prototype phase, you get a chance to be mentored by Microsoft SMEs!

Note: Using Azure services is mandatory for this hackathon. Free Azure Credits will be provided to the teams that get shortlisted for the Prototype phase.

This hackathon consists of 3 phases:

Idea Phase:
Participants can register on this hackathon page and submit their ideas. These submissions must contain solutions to the problem statements that are added in this phase. This is an online phase.

Prototype Phase:
Participants shortlisted in the first phase will be invited to build a functioning prototype based on their shortlisted Idea. This is an online phase. It is mandatory to use Azure services while building your prototype. Free Azure credits will be provided to the teams that are shortlisted for the prototype phase.

Grand Finale:
The top teams from the Prototype phase will be invited to present their solutions to the BIAL jury at the grand finale.


Note: Using Azure services is mandatory for this hackathon. Free Azure Credits will be provided to the teams that get shortlisted for the Prototype phase.

Develop a BIAL Genie App - Open Innovation

With changing priorities of air travel passengers, the travel industry constantly needs to introduce new solutions and services that will improve passenger experience and give them a highly comfortable environment while flying.

We are looking for a digital concierge that enables passengers to have a simple, seamless, and engaging travel journey while flying through Bengaluru Airport thus allowing them to experience the airport as a ‘destination’. 

Build innovative solutions using a wide array of Microsoft Azure Services to improve a passenger’s experience across the different stages of their journey—starting from planning the journey and boarding the flight to arriving at their destination airport and everything in between and after!

Some of the stages of a passenger journey that you can innovate under include but are not limited to:

1) Pre-travel experience 

  • Booking travel tickets
  • Planning ride/commute to the airport
  • Planning the stay
  • Personalized recommendation from user-behaviour

2) Airport transit (from your home/hotel to the airport)

  • Smart travel to the Airport
  • Showing travel checklist and important guidelines

3) Experience at the airport (during travel)

  • Smart parking services
  • Self-serve kiosks
  • Commercial information
  • Maps and wayfinding
  • Entertainment and services
  • Food and beverage 
  • Omnichannel shopping
  • Smart security and boarding
  • Departure and arrival 
  • Baggage collection and departure 

4) Post travel experience

  • Smart commute to destination
  • Passenger feedback management
  • Customer support bots


The stages mentioned above are for reference only. While these are some broad highlights, you are encouraged to think out of the box and come up with innovative solutions that can simplify and enhance even the experience of people accompanying passengers to and from the airport. 

  • Accentuate your mind and give a creative name to your airport app
  • Preferred stack: Mobile application
  • Technology guidance: Microsoft Azure Services
  • Use open source data for analytical and recommendation features

Prizes INR 2,50,000 in prizes

Main Prizes
INR 1,50,000
INR 1,00,000
Special Prizes
Free Azure Certification Voucher and Bluetooth Headset (500)

Update your Azure skills to win the Microsoft Azure certification voucher and a Bluetooth headset for free. Add Microsoft Azure skill on LinkedIn and submit your details on the link below to claim your gift:

Click here

Note: The Azure certification voucher is valid only till 31st December 2021. Certification has to be completed before this date.

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